Michelle's Bio

Michelle SutcliffeD.O.M.P., BFA
Osteopathic Practitioner

Michelle is an experienced traditional osteopathic practitioner.  She is excited to share her skills and to serve the mid-island community with osteopathic care. 

Using the lightest touch techniques required to elicit deep, lasting changes through all the systems of the body, Michelle will work in conjunction with your unique desires.  Whether you have come to osteopathy to manage pain, re-pattern movement and nervous system functions or for overall health maintenance, Michelle can assist you.  Her osteopathic approach can include, but is certainly not limited to direct manual manipulation of joints, ligaments, organs, fascia and other tissues. Her true passion in osteopathy is treating embryological origins in the body to restore a relationship with the whole of life.  She wants to help you feel your living relationship with your health.

After receiving her diploma from the Canadian College of Osteopathy (DOMP) in 2017, she trained directly with Dr. James Jealous DO,  in the science and art of biodynamic osteopathy, until he passed in 2021.  She continues to receive training through his faculty of US-based osteopathic physicians.  She also attends graduate courses with Osteopathy BC and the Canadian College of Osteopathy. 

Michelle attends post-graduate training several times a year with a focus on the treatment of children, cranial osteopathy and nervous system regulation including the brain/gut connection.  She is comfortable treating head trauma including post-concussion symptoms, TMJ disorder, and migraines.

Michelle acknowledges and honours the sacred history and continued vital presence of First Nations families of Stz’uminus and with the native land where Ladysmith Osteopathy resides.  She considers herself among the community of landkeepers and healers here and looks forward to building deep relations to the people, this land and the extraordinary Salish Sea.

She is committed to preserving the oral tradition of osteopathy and aspires to one day make a modest contribution to proliferating or advancing the science in the field of osteopathic manual therapy.

True healing is a willingness to treat yourself and others better than the past ever did.

Matt Kahn