Digestive Improvement

Digestion is a complicated process with nuances to respect according to each individual’s situation.

Osteopathically, we consider your lifestyle, health history and the timeline of your digestive struggles as well as a physical assessment to narrow in on the primary causes of the digestive dis-ease you are experiencing.

To treat the digestive system effectively we will consider structural and metabolic influences from the mouth where saliva begins the digestive process all the way to the colon and rectum where regular and comfortable elimination is needed.  The structure and function of the entire length of the GI tract is considered when treating digestion osteopathically.

Manual manipulation of some of the organs or viscera, (stomach, pancreas, kidneys, liver, intestines etc.) may be what’s required to improve motility and/or function of specific areas along the digestive tract. Osteopathic manual therapy is unique in the way we can directly dialogue with and structurally move (if necessary) these deep internal structures and then integrate the changes back into harmony with the whole of your nervous system and other systems of the body.

The digestive system does not act in isolation within the body. It has significant embryological relationships with other tissues of the body, the health of which continues to impact each other throughout your life. Therefore other considerations like emotional health, the function of the diaphragm, proper breathing, lower back and pelvic mobility, various organ functions, and many avenues of circulation to the lower body may be discussed and treated in conjunction with the digestive system. 

The osteopathic approach is about allowing our hands to listen and dialogue with your body

It can sound like a lot, but it’s also important to remember that the osteopathic approach is about allowing our hands to listen and dialogue with your body.  The perceptive information gathered by our hands is what guides the treatment, not the analytical theories of our mind. We can treat many relationships at once and often attain full body results through just a few specific techniques.

General energy levels and what we call “Vitality”, (power in your body, gas in your tank, stamina) is a big indicator of the time it will take for your body to heal.  This is especially true when suffering with digestive dysfunction.  Often added rest is required.  In the world of well known physical therapies, it is unique to osteopathy that we will treat and thus boost this Vitality directly and as a starting point to more specific treatment of the digestive system.

Usually you will feel the positive effects of an osteopathic treatment during the session and furthermore in the days that follow.

All hands on manipulations are performed externally on the body.

If nutritional advice or medical diagnostic tests are required, we will inform you and refer you to the appropriate naturopathic or medical doctor.

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