Infants & Children

Prevention is the best medicine. In no other population that we treat do we see this evidence more obviously than with infants and children. 

Osteopathy has a legacy of assisting children with healthy growth and development.  I pride myself in meeting children in a place built on trust and freedom.

Conditions treated in infants:

  • Difficult birth, including use of forceps or vacuum, prolonged hospital stay, surgeries
  • Torticollis and plagiocephaly (structural alignment of head, neck and back)
  • Feeding and sleeping difficulties (for any perceived reason)
  • Excessive reflux, vomiting
  • Constipation and bloating
  • Colic (excessive crying and/or ongoing discomfort in baby)
  • Watering eye ducts
  • Recurrent ear infection
  • Falls and injuries

Osteopathy has a legacy of assisting children with healthy growth and development.

Gestation and birth can come with various strains on the body.  Though many insults on a growing baby are resolved through natural development including feeding, sleeping  and crying some persistent strains will greatly benefit from osteopathic treatment. In the early days of life, the influences of these evident strains include: maternal and paternal stress during pregnancy, interventions during birth of forceps, suction, medications, emergency cesareans, and NICU stays.

The symptoms that indicate treatment is required include:  jaundice, feeding and sleeping difficulties, frequent reflux, constipation, watering eyes, mouth breathing, hip dysplasia, plagiocephaly and torticollis.  For children, I generally suggest to parents that osteopathic treatment is needed after childhood vaccines, physical falls and injuries, any prolonged illness, shocks, bedwetting, ongoing behavioral extremes, unpleasant dental work or disruptive hospital visits.  Treatment ensures children continue to grow and develop around healthy central reference points in the body and with a sense of safety and expansiveness in their environment and relationships.