"I have had several osteopathic sessions with Michelle. She is very respectful and treats the body with honour. Her work is thorough, gentle and deep. I often have noticed immediate shifts (for example, improved sleep). Plus Michelle is open, gracious and has a calming peaceful presence. I would definitely recommend her to others wanting a holistic form of healing."
Judy K.
"Michelle treats the whole body. She is present and approach’s her work with thoughtful attention. I have suffered with poor digestion for as long as I can remember. She was the first person to introduce me to manual therapy as an option for my guts. It is quite remarkable the difference this kind of treatment makes. I still have sensitive guts but now I know who to see when things become unmanageable."
Tara E.
"I met Michelle through a good friend. She helped my four month old baby who constantly had a watering eye. My baby was actually about to be scheduled for surgery when we tried osteopathy with Michelle. After the first visit things were much better. The surgery was cancelled and the eye continued to improve. I’m sure whatever she did fixed the problem. I recommend Michelle, especially for moms and babies."
"Michelle has been a gift to our family. Her work is gentle and effective. Our son has had troubles with his breathing since he’s been born and we found Michelle when he was just over one year old. In one early session in particular, my husband and I heard a very obvious audible change in our son’s breathing during the treatment. We both looked up and commented and Michelle didn’t seem surprised at all that he was responding well to her treatment. This is what she does, but we had never truly understood it before! We are firm believers now and come regularly for maintenance. The appointments are informative and enjoyable. She engages both our son and us during our appointments. She talks us through what she’s doing and how he’s responding. Matthew is so blessed to have his team of amazing careers in this city, including Miss Michelle!"
"I’ve been visiting Michelle every few months for the last year. I decided to try Osteopathy as some friends from out of town were telling me how effective and gentle it is. She’s helped me with migraines, tension and energy. After my first treatment, I felt she lifted my fogginess/grogginess and gave me more energy, I was hooked. I recently found out I’m expecting my first and had all those symptoms associated with early pregnancy (nausea, headaches, cramping, heartburn…etc.), so when things got really bad, I went to see Michelle – probably should have gone earlier. She worked her magic and I’ve been feeling better since. She’s amazing, I’ll continue to see her for regular “tune ups”. I have no hesitation in recommending friends to see her."
"I listened to the Jim Jealous interview which I downloaded from Google and read. It is so interesting!!! I now understand better how you work and it is fascinating! I'm so glad to be introduced to osteopathy. My husband and I are both believers in that higher creative force and are aware of the Spirit and Soul in each human being. I didn't know how much it would be involved in a healing process as part of natural medicine until you worked with me. I absolutely LOVE what you do! I can't wait to learn more about it and am looking forward to my next visit to your clinic ;) I'm sure many people think this is kinda "out there" or "hocus pocus" and surely my father, who is an orthopedic surgeon, would think I am crazy but I've come to realize there is a lot of resistance and opposition to these alternative health ideas. Nevertheless, this won't stop me from avidly learning about it and searching for more answers!"
"I had the pleasure last year of being treated by Michelle. She was thorough, gentle, and so pleasant to interact with as a client. I always felt much better after one of her treatments. I wish Michelle all the luck and many blessings at Ladysmith Osteopathy."

There are so many stories, more beautiful than answers.

Mary Oliver