Follow Ups

In osteopathy we have a saying, “find it, fix it, leave it alone”.  This is why in most scenarios you will wait 1, 2 or sometimes 3 weeks before a follow-up visit. 

We want to see what your innate healing capacity continues to do after the interventions of the prior treatment.  When your primary complaints, body pain, and symptoms reduce (usually after 1-3 sessions), treatments then progress to resolve what is closer to the root cause of your troubles and to bring you into contact with the experience of your “health”.

The osteopathic approach, at its depth,  interacts with embryological forces still at work in the body that restore and sustain your central nervous system and your health throughout your life.  Yes, this means that your essential being precedes your nervous system and osteopathy acknowledges and accounts for that in how we apply manual therapy.  This is restorative and preventative medicine.  It is my honour and pleasure to invite the possibility to interact at this depth of being with you.